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I am avid traveler and adventure enthusiast. I started this blog to share my unique experiences with the world. There is nothing I won't try once or do and I have decided sharing this with people as I think it could be quite entertaining. Hope you enjoy and if you would like to start writing for Guess this City contact me here. Also follow me on .

Top Holiday Destinations in Summer 2016

The time of year for planning trips abroad to exotic destinations has arrived once more, and fans of holidaying will already be dreaming of their arrival. So what are the five places that you should be packing a case for…

Which City of Texas is the Best?

Texas, for many, is the quintessential American state. Sure, there’s Maryland, which houses the country’s capital, Washington, D.C. And there’s California, which seems to sum up perfectly, for some, the idyllic and sunny nature of the United States. New York…

Secrets About Adelaide That The Locals Don’t Want You To Know

The Adelaide locals have always thought their home was Australia’s best kept secret. Most tourists head straight for the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. They often forget about beautiful Adelaide. But if you’re currently planning a trip Down Under, it…

Giraffes in Africa

Top Travel Destinations For Wildlife Lovers

If you’re fed up of lounging on a beach or visiting historical monuments when you’re on holiday, now is the time for something new. Vacations that involve wildlife and animals are often the ones people treasure the most. From seeing…

summer holiday tips

Four Amazing Summer Holiday Hacks

Summer is almost here! Is your mind turning to getting away for a holiday? Use the hacks below to make choosing, booking and preparing your break easy. Capsule wardrobe That’s right; a capsule wardrobe is one of the best holiday…

train station

5 Ways To Avoid Taking Your Car On Holiday

There are all sorts of reasons why you might not want to take your car on holiday. They aren’t always the best things to be lugging around, but luckily, there are plenty of alternatives. If you want to ditch the…

Barcelona FC 2011

The Best Cities To Visit If You Love Sport

I don’t know about you, but I love sport! There are some famous cities all around the world that have enjoyed incredible sporting success over the years. It’s foolish to think that you’ll be able to get to all of…

selecting the perfect motorhome

A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Motorhome For Your Next Trip

If you’re someone who loves to travel and is constantly planning new adventures, then a motorhome could be a good investment to make. If you only go away from a few nights once each summer, don’t invest in an RV….

The Bronx 3rd Avenue

New York: How To Put Your Finger On The City’s Pulse

New York isn’t a city you visit. It’s a city you live. It’s such a vibrant and busy place that you can’t help but fall into step with the rest of this bustling metropolis. But there are certain things that…

montana foothills

The Two Things You’ve Never Tried When Travelling

Travelling can be one of the best opportunities to explore all that life has to offer. It can give us meaning and perspective. It can add excitement and exhilaration to our lives instead of the daily grind of work and…