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I am avid traveler and adventure enthusiast. I started this blog to share my unique experiences with the world. There is nothing I won't try once or do and I have decided sharing this with people as I think it could be quite entertaining. Hope you enjoy and if you would like to start writing for Guess this City contact me here. Also follow me on .

Its a Great Day to be Landing in Ireland

The flight attendants don’t got shit on me. What a morning to be landing in Ireland! Its actually fecking sunny what are the chances. Pretty sure I brought the sun with me. For those of you who don’t know Ireland…

Buy Duty Free

Don’t be a Dumbass and stop at Duty Free

I swear that this is the best tip I can give to anyone who is planning on travelling and believe me it annoys the shit out of me when I see people not using it. Duty Free is magical land…

Canada Geese Blooper Clip

While taping the Canada Geese stuff I was trying to show off and tape myself getting low on my longboard and I ended up bailing into the ground. I got karmalized fo sho! Share this for the love of jebus!

Canada Geese are the beauty and plague of Ontario bike paths

Canada Geese are known all over the world as one of Canada’s most beautiful and unique animals. I can tell they are beautiful but holy shit are the bitches. On this bike path in Cornwall Ontario their droppings are everywhere…

Calgary Alberta in six minutes on a LongBoard

The first video that was made highlighting the city of Calgary Alberta. I use to live in Calgary and took this full day longboard trip and turned it into an 6 minute overview of this great west city. I made…